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Our Nation. Our Economies. The Department of Commerce and Industry is responsible for economic development in Eeyou Istchee. Our integrated approach helps us to build an economy suited for our nation.

The Department of Commerce and Industry (DCI) is entrusted with creating conditions favourable for the development and growth of wealth and prosperity of all economic sectors of the Eeyou/Eenou Nation. Consistent with our values, rights, and aspirations,we also oversee the implementation of the economic components of the various agreements signed by the Eeyou/Eenou Nation.


Our mandate is to diversify and stimulate economic growth in Eeyou Istchee.


Our mission is to support the economic growth and well-being of Eeyou Istchee so all Eeyouch and Eenouch may benefit from this prosperity without compromising our culture and values.


Our goal is to take on a strategic role in developing and implementing economic initiatives throughout Eeyou Istchee. While working closely with our key partners to achieve the collective vision, we also consider the implications of all affected sectors and partners involved.


Three economic pillars drive the Department of Commerce and Industry:

  1. Local enterprises
  2. Natural resource development
  3. Cooperative and sustainable economies

Programs and Funds

Of our 3 economic pillars, cooperative and sustainable economies is the most important one because it defines who we are and who we want to be as a nation. Our vision of social and economic development and growth implies that the two other pillars must enhance, enrich and strengthen the third.

Here are some of the programs and funds developed to achieve this:

  • Cree Social Economy Regional Table (CSERT)
  • Cree Entrepreneur Assistance Fund (CEAF)
  • Cree Business Registry and Certification
  • Regional Development Fund (RDF)
  • Consultation – Trade and Commerce Agreement



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